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Our Vision

Making indigenous technological platforms through entrepreneurship that creates technical competence resulting in sustainable profit.


Our Vision

Our Mission

We will respond to customer needs with high quality products and cost effective services.

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Our corporate structure allows our each division to focus completely on the sales, design, and manufacture. It also helps us manufacture specialty products while utilizing a central support system to handle core functions smoothly and effectively. Each division is managed separately by its own marketing, sales, and customer service personnel. Divisional engineering departments and manufacturing facilities are free to focus on the development and production of the finest quality products, providing each project with the individualized attention it deserves. Zoom in to Our Corporate Structure​


Zoom in to Our Corporate Structure

“Centralized support services has proven to be a convenient and ecient method of operation over the years – for both our employees and our customers”

PowerTrade is presenting a time-tested valuable solution to our nation by bringing tomorrow’s Bangladesh is for today. We want to save the fertile lands of Bangladesh which produces tons of food and crops for the n- ation. We want to provide a great solution by modeling great modern cities without devouring these valuable land in the name of development and township. Technological development is the core part of creating Power Trade’s competitive edges which has proven to be successful with the deployment of products and solutions ofa global standard. As a technology based organization, PowerTrade’s vision has been always to create a technological platform which propels the nation’s vision to win all challenges of 21st century.

Global Exposure

By exporting pre-engineered steel building in other countries

Bangladesh and 21st Century, a Futuristic Approach

20th Century has brought many revolutionary changes in the world then the arrival of 21st century has more challenges to face. To fight these challenges in proper way – we have to bring in the changes. One of the greatest problems of Bangladesh is high density of population. By concerning this, Power Trade offers total solution for Prefab Building with the motto: rise high, save green…