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Chariman's Message


“We are taking Bangladesh to the world as well as bringing the world to our beloved country”

We must ensure that the global market is embedded in broadly shared values and practices that reflect global social need and that all the world’s people share the benefits of globalization -Kofi Annan
In the age of social networking, the global market has become more competitive, because brand values and practices are being scrutinized every day.

As a growth believer, we will raise our bar to overcome any challenge from our competitors, because our goals are realistic and we want to take our beloved country to a newer height. We value and honor customer’s expectation and our dedicated teams are working harder in meeting their expectations. We are bringing in global technologies to produce cutting-edge products maintaining price, value and quality. We have a wide range of technology partners all over the world and we will not be complacent with excellence only, we want to outperform ourselves. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this fantastic journey?
S.M. Fakhar-uz-Zaman