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Our Role & Advantage

Advantages for promoters, investors and contractors

  • High control of total costs in the pre-building phase with a reduction of uncertainties during the production phases by saving money.
  • The massive industrial production of prefab elements reduce the final cost of the buildings
  • Drastic reduction of construction phases and delivering time
  • Production of ecological buildings with high performances in energy saving and pollution control and contemporary looking style
  • Avoids design faults by a thorough testing phase lead by the engineers and the experts.
  • Specialized factory workers guarantee the quality of the prefab element and the final products
  • Off-site manufactured processes guarantee the reduction of waste on site
  • Reduced presence of machineries and plants on the construction
  • Each building has advanced automation systems that check the behavior and the aging of the building or even suggest better or new behaviors.

Advantages from the viewpoint of designers

  • The designer has a complete catalogue of 3D prefab elements to use
  • The designer uses prefab elements which are totally integrated, have a controlling origin, respond to quality, energy standards and use high quality materials can be eco-friendly and partially recyclable
  • The designer can visualize the project in a 3D immersive simulation exploring different solutions in real-time
  • The designer can achieve rapid feedback on cost forecasts, structural tests and bioclimatic simulations

Advantages from the viewpoint of end user

  • Lower costs led by the industrialized mass production of elements
  • Money saving approach by building’s good energy performances
  • Fast delivery of the building
  • Each building has a certificate of warranty like any industrial product
  • Intervention for substitution of elements if needed
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